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Ten unique demonstration courses. Building Mentorship, Camaraderie and Community in the Baking and Pastry Industry.

Trade Show

Industry exposure, staffing opportunities, product showcase and tastings.


A Baking and Pastry showcase through interactive food and beverage presentations. Live music, theatre and dance! Mentoring students through volunteer opportunities.


Raising funds for Baking and Pastry Scholarships. Supporting schools with product donations.


Thanks to the wonderful support of our 2020 FLOC Forum Sponsors, Chef Participants and Attendees our Foundation has made great strides at broadening our reach and is making great plans for 2021. We are excited to announce the dates of the FLOC Pastry Educational Forum and Spectacle taking place over two days, February 25th and 26th, 2021 at Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute. The FLOC Educational Pastry Forum is a Pastry and Baking Community where over two days our Chef and Student Citizens learn, experience and connect. We then showcase our Pastry Chef Community as it mentors and supports the next generation of Pastry Citizens at the Scholarship fundraising Pastry Spectacle of the year, ChiTown Blues. Come join the FLOC Community!

The FLOC Educational Pastry Forum offers a series of ten seminars taught by international luminaries of the pastry industry, drawing chefs and students from all over the country. The Forum offers a curated Pastry and Baking trade show, break out sessions, panel discussions, and demonstrations geared for the pastry professionals and students. The two-day program is directly followed on Friday night by the Annual FLOC Pastry Spectacle ChiTown Blues!

Stay Tuned for further details!

Why Support?

  • Strong Brand Recognition with future chefs, present chefs and the instructors that create the next generation.
  • Connect your products, recipes and chef with students from our supported training programs.
  • Trade Show – bring your direct customer targets, distributors and brand influencers to your product table.
  • Demonstrate your product and recipes to 350 students, chefs and chef instructors.
  • Build your brand through camaraderie and community over three days of culinary immersion-demos, reception, culinary cook off andSpectacle.
  • Use interactive marketing activation with the chefs supporting our cause and retail consumers at our spectacle; then drive the impact with year long marketing on our social media platforms and website.
  • Support the future pastry chefs (students) with a direct demonstration prior to the Forum/Spectacle and connect with studentstohelp with the Forum Demo.
  • Support the future pastry chefs with scholarship awards.

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