Robin Fields started Toffee Break Desserts in 1998. After experimenting with making desserts for a party, she discovered her passion for making toffee and gave life to Toffee Break Desserts! At first her impromptu toffee didn’t turn out as expected…that’s when the creative business woman in her added a cookies’n’cream topping to fix her mistake. Turns out her toffee was the hit of the party! Soon after, Robin’s days consisted of researching and perfecting her much loved toffee. Before she knew it, there were four toffee flavors in her collection: Traditional, Cookies’n’Cream, Raspberry & Pretzel. With the help of her sister Shari, Toffee Break Desserts has expanded to a commercial kitchen in Northbrook, Illinois. Today we are proud to offer a full selection of Signature Toffee Flavors, along with many Chocolate Specialties.
Robin Fields

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