To empower women from underserved communities with the training, knowledge, and support to forge a new and more economically-secure career path.
The Floured Apron’s model is a 10-week full-time program including classroom instruction, kitchen training, and weekly bakery production. We provide curriculum-based, hands-on training in skills valued by culinary industry employers including proper food safety and sanitation processes (including ServSafe certification), recipe measurement and development, knife and food prep skills, and bread and pastry production.
“I’m looking at life through new eyes. I feel like I’m at the beginning of a new career, not just a job.”
Graduate, The Floured Apron
PROVIDE the tools and support necessary for motivated, capable women from underserved communities to believe in the possibility of their own potential;
EMPOWER our students with the training and skill development necessary for entry into culinary industry employment;
IMPROVE the economic stability of our graduates and that of their family through culinary industry job placement.
Emily Boling


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