Our humble beginnings date back to the early 1970’s when two young ambitious Mexican immigrants came up with the idea of selling food at one of few, if not the only, Hispanic population venues in our city – the soccer fields in Humboldt Park. This is where every weekend, hundreds of Mexican immigrants gathered to cheer on their favorite soccer teams. It began with the selling of homemade tacos out of styrofoam ice chest’s. With the increase in demand to feed the spectators and fans, growth was inevitable. Eventually the operation would evolve into a picnic like set-up with tables and barbecue grills. Years passed and as the Hispanic grew so did the Hispanic soccer leagues in Chicago. Eventually, what had started from an ice chest operation had turned into the largest Hispanic park district food concession operation in Chicago. Being born and raised in what is called Bucktown today and as a 1st. generation Mexican, I saw the need to continue on with this concept of tacos in a Flash that my parents had started. I then began looking for the ideal location in the neighborhood for Flash Taco. Then came the opportunity back in 1995 to secure a store front in one of the hottest corners in the city of Chicago where we opened our doors to the public since April 5, 1998. From our humble beginnings we continue to live the American dream. Serving you home-made recipes from mom’s cookbook. We promise to continue to serve good quality food at affordable prices. On behalf of all of the Flash Taco familia we thank you for your business. Gracias! Flash


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