For over a century, the Farmer Brothers company has built our business on providing extraordinary products at incomparable value to coffee-minded food service operators all across the country. Farmer Brothers company history begins in 1912, when Roy E. Farmer thought it crucial that restaurants serve a quality cup of coffee, yet he couldn’t find one that did. Making and distributing coffee to restaurants and their patrons became his mission. Roy opened Farmer Brothers Coffee Company, headquartered in the back of his brother’s bicycle shop, and did just that. Over the next 100 years, the Farmer Brothers company continued to evolve and flourish, growing branch by branch and customer by customer. Through a series of product line expansions and acquisitions, and a relentless commitment to continuously invest in customers, service and technology, the Farmer Brothers company has established itself today as a leading national roaster, manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of high-quality branded and private label coffees, teas, spices and culinary products to foodservice, convenience stores and grocery retailers.

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