CHEESEWICH™ was designed with today’s fast paced health conscious consumer in mind. Healthy low-carb and gluten-free meals are not always readily available. However, CHEESEWICH™ prides itself in bringing healthy snacks to moms looking for great lunch alternatives for their children, busy laymen needing high protein fuel and executives craving that high energy to make that next risky deal. Our Grab-N-Go products offer an instant solution for high-protein, low carb energy. Cheesewich™ Grab-N-Go vacuum sealed products of freshness and flavor are the perfect rescue for the fast paced lives we live. Each product brings the taste and richness of eating alive, yet lacks the carbohydrates and gluten that many of us need to avoid. Skip that high sugar candy bar and grab a low carb high-protein Cheesewich snack and feel the difference for yourself!

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