Our Values: RUGGED SPIRIT, REFINED SENSES. With a boldness and a visionary instinct, Charles Barry has laid the foundation of today’s cocoa and chocolate infrastructure. This rugged determination can still be found in our people who continue his journey today. Just like our customers and farmers, we use all our senses to constantly refine our techniques and cultivate new methods within the world of cocoa and chocolate. We are always working to achieve the right balance between rugged and refined. We truly believe that this balance will inspire you and ensure our relevance for the next decades to come.
Our Mission: KNOW COCOA TO KNOW CHOCOLATE. Our mission is to bring the complete story of chocolate to the world, starting from the very source: cocoa.
Our Vision: Fueled by over 170 years of cocoa and chocolate expertise, we have a deep-rooted understanding of the very source. This allows us to bring you great cocoa from remarkable places. We work hard to ensure the future availability and diversity of quality cocoa and fine chocolate flavours.


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